Loyalty Rewards Program a.k.a. How to get Free Oils

One of the perks of becoming a member with doTERRA is access to their Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).

The LRP is a little like a magazine subscription, that is if magazine subscriptions let you change the magazine every month and gave you more and more free stuff every month. Unlike other loyalty programs, this one is actually very cool.

Here’s why:

  • Earn 10-30% in credits toward free oils and products each month (This is how I get all the pricey oils!)
  • Receive up to 55% off certain products offered only in the LRP
  • Products can be edited, added, or removed each month – you’re not locked into the same products
  • Order as much or as little as you want – no obligation to place big orders if you don’t want them
  • But you CAN share your LRP with friends and earn free products on THEIR orders!
  • And you can ALSO receive the free Product of the Month!
  • Unlike similar programs, the Loyalty Rewards is 100% optional – you can join or cancel at any time

So how does it all work?

Your percentage back starts out at 10-25% (depending on your enrollment kit) and increases every 3 months until you cap out at 30% back (that’s a TON of free oils every month). We use our product credits to buy the expensive but oh-so-vital oils, like frankincense, sandalwood, or melissa. Nothing like a free bottle of Melissa to make a girl happy 🙂

For each monthly order of 50pv or more* (anywhere from 1-5 oils or products), you’ll earn your product credits. What happens when you order 1-49pv? Nothing. You’re not penalized or forced to order more; you just don’t get the product credits or advance in percentage that month. Easy peasy and flexible for your needs. (The program does require you order at least 1pv to remain active.)

If any of your orders are 125pv or more and placed by the 15th, you’ll earn those product credits AND get a free Product of the Month. This is a super cool way to try different oils you might not want to invest in yourself, or stock up on oils you love and use all the time.

Here’s the really cool part:

You can change anything about it. You can change the date it ships, the amount you order, what products you want…

Even where it ships to and who pays for it – meaning you could share your LRP with a friend and earn product credits on THEIR order! (Works great for sending someone a birthday gift across the country too – on the month’s you don’t need anything, just pick what you want to send them and ship it directly to them.)

And yes, you can cancel whenever you’d like – no obligation whatsoever, only perks and thank you’s for being a loyal customer. (Wish all my favorite stores did this.) Just make sure to use your product credits first, since you lose unused points and any gained percentage if you do. Don’t believe me? Read the details here.

But it’s only available to members….

Yup, it’s a member-only perk, like a thank you for taking your health seriously. And just another reason to join us. ;)

Contact us here to get started!

*About 80% of people fall into this category and rack up freebies!