Deep Blue: The best essential oil after a workout.


deep blue

Really, the title says it all. I’ve been going to gym with my friend every morning for quite some time, but just recently, we decided to step up our workouts. Adding in running, weights, squats, and planks. It’s fun times, and we’re seeing results, but I’ll tell you what–squats can make a girl more than a little sore, well, pretty much everywhere. Lucky for me, I took advantage of a sweet deal (that’s still going on) last month to get some Deep Blue Rub and a Deep Blue roll-on FREE. I’ve been using it on my legs, especially–and it’s worked like a charm–despite the unfortunate incident where I put WAY too much on, and was freezing for the next several hours. It’s also possible I smell like a wintergreen Lifesaver.

Small price to pay for muscles that don’t ache, I’d say.

The best part? Natural medicine helps HEAL the problem, not just mask it. So while I could have gotten relief from an over the counter pain reliever, instead I got relief and healing with no added ingredients that aren’t good for me. My sore muscles are ready for another go the next day, instead of keeping me down for several.

I’ve gotta say it, I’m in love. doTERRA essential oils for the win!



PS The Deep Blue promotion is running until May 15th–which means you still have time! Contact me for details.

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