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So, here’s just one of my latest adventures.

My boy-child, Beckham, is a pretty darn healthy kid–but every spring for several weeks he gets this sad, sad, chronic cough. No fever, no congestion, no sore throat. Just this dry, raspy cough that keeps him up at night. The doctors say it is allergy-induced asthma, and handed me some Tylenol with codeine to help him sleep, with the offer of a steroid inhaler.


I’m not drugging my child with steroids and codeine every night for a few weeks each spring, thank you very much.


Instead, I use Breathe and On Guard on his feet at night just in case there is something sinister going on, and have been diffusing Purify blend in his room at night and in our kitchen during the day. Purify is a cleansing blend that helps eliminate airborne pathogens, eliminates odors, and cleans the air.  Read: allergens are toast. The first night? Coughing time is reduced by half, easily. The second? NOTHING. Cough is gone, no where to be heard. And just like that, we were done with what has been a weeks-long ordeal in years past.


So much for steroids and drugs.

Thank you, doTERRA. I’m loving this adventure.

Oils for the Win!



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deep blue

Really, the title says it all. I’ve been going to gym with my friend every morning for quite some time, but just recently, we decided to step up our workouts. Adding in running, weights, squats, and planks. It’s fun times, and we’re seeing results, but I’ll tell you what–squats can make a girl more than a little sore, well, pretty much everywhere. Lucky for me, I took advantage of a sweet deal (that’s still going on) last month to get some Deep Blue Rub and a Deep Blue roll-on FREE. I’ve been using it on my legs, especially–and it’s worked like a charm–despite the unfortunate incident where I put WAY too much on, and was freezing for the next several hours. It’s also possible I smell like a wintergreen Lifesaver.

Small price to pay for muscles that don’t ache, I’d say.

The best part? Natural medicine helps HEAL the problem, not just mask it. So while I could have gotten relief from an over the counter pain reliever, instead I got relief and healing with no added ingredients that aren’t good for me. My sore muscles are ready for another go the next day, instead of keeping me down for several.

I’ve gotta say it, I’m in love. doTERRA essential oils for the win!



PS The Deep Blue promotion is running until May 15th–which means you still have time! Contact me for details.


I have a long and sordid history with my Thyroid. I have had it tested multiple times, because I have all the symptoms, but for years the tests came back saying nothing was wrong. Enter my natural health phase, and through my research, I realized that just because what they were testing came back fine didn’t mean there wasn’t something wrong. When I went to my doctor and asked that they test not just what my thyroid was putting out, but what was happening with the hormones, we found that there was a conversion problem. So, although my thyroid makes enough hormone, my body isn’t getting enough of what it needs. I am currently on NT Thyroid, which is a generic for Armour thyroid (aka dessicated pig thyroid)–but I started using oils last week so that I can stop taking it. So far, I’m avoiding my mid-afternoon crash, which is awesome, and I’m not craving sugar at all either, which is another excellent plus. I’ll keep you posted on my progress, as I expect it will take a bit of time to fully kick in. In the meantime, here’s what I’m using:


Hypothyroid Blend

10 drops Clove doTERRA essential oil

10 drops Peppermint doTERRA essential oil

10 drops Lemongrass doTerra essential oil

Fractionated Coconut Oil

I put everything in a little roller bottle, and just keep it in my pocket. Multiple times a day, I pull it out and put in right on my thyroid area.

I’m also taking 2 drops of Frankincense in a capsule twice a day, and drinking Lemon oil in my water. I’m considering adding Myrrh into my regimen too. Doing more research.

doTERRA Essential Oils for the WIN!



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Hey friends,

My name is April. Eight years ago I set off on an adventure. At the time, I was searching for solutions in our battle against infertility after years of hitting walls. I was tired of conventional advice that wasn’t working for me and my body, and was ready to open my mind and consider solutions I had previously thought ridiculous, placebo, even downright deceptive. In a word, I was desperate.

Of course, even in my desperation, I am a learner at heart. I research, I study, I ask questions. I don’t just want to know that something works, I want to know why and how it works. It’s a quality that has gotten me into trouble more than a few times, but has also brought me a lot of joy and a vast (and sometimes embarrassing) amount of information to share. Oh, and it also brought me twins (<–amazingly epic).

Every adventure needs a storyteller, right?

Consider me your bard, your Tolkien, your Rowling, for this story. Its a tale about one Mama (that’s me) who has made her way through the worlds of herbs, teas, homeopathic remedies, and now doTERRA essential oils–and has not only lived to tell you about it–but is thriving and learning more every day. I want to share what I’ve learned on my epic adventure. I want to tell you about the homemade dish soap mishap, the miraculously healed burn, and the effective but rather painful method for stopping nosebleeds. (For the record, there’s definitely a better way–I just didn’t know it at the time.)


In the end, this is a story about how I use essential oils every. single. day. and how you will probably want to too. That’s usually how it works in epic tales, right? I mean, who read Harry Potter and didn’t imagine themselves holding a wand and casting a spell, at least once? Who doesn’t know that every single time, in the end, good wins?

That’s how this tale ends too–because doTerra essential oils are really, really good. And good always wins.

{doTERRA} Oils for the Win!


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